Vacatures NEMO

Exploring the ‘NEMO vacatures’ offers an exciting glimpse into opportunities at one of the most dynamic science and technology museums in the Netherlands. The extraordinary building with its copper-green silhouette, five floors full of exhibitions, experiments, and demonstrations, and an envy-inducing rooftop terrace are only a few features that make working at NEMO interesting. Whether it’s an enticing job in exhibitions, visitor experience, or educational programming, the NEMO vacancies cover a broad spectrum of roles.


Op dit moment hebben we geen vacatures voor NEMO, maar mogelijk vind je hieronder een goede match bij vergelijkbare bedrijven


Populaire vacatures bij NEMO

The popular ‘vacatures NEMO’ extend from administrative roles to visitor-centered positions, each contributing to the overall mission of making science and technology accessible to all. Roles in the exhibition and education teams allow you to support the creation and delivery of engaging learning experiences. Meanwhile, visitor services positions ensure a memorable day out for every museum visitor. No matter the role, every NEMO employee plays a significant part in fostering curiosity and knowledge.

When considering ‘NEMO vacatures’, one can expect to join a team of 200 curious individuals who readily welcome new colleagues. If you’re someone who thrives on learning something new every day, loves to ask questions, and always persevere, working at NEMO Science Museum is a perfect fit. In addition to an engaging work environment, NEMO offers plentiful benefits such as annual gatherings, a New Year’s party, and discounts in the museum shop and restaurant. The job postings provide details about these ‘vacatures NEMO’ and their respective perks.