If you’re looking for jobs for 40-year-olds, you may want to have a look at the vacancies Jobbird has to offer. We have jobs for all ages, all around the country. Whether you’re looking for a full-time position or rather a part-time job, we have all kinds of jobs for 40-year-olds available. You may have lots of experience in a particular field and be ready for a move upwards. Or maybe you’re starting a new career at 40. We’re here to help you find the perfect job for 40-year-olds.


5 steps to changing careers at 40

Your 40s can be a pivotal time in your life. Personally, but also professionally. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or if you’re ready for a change, you may want to consider changing careers. It’s never too late to change careers, and many people choose to find a new path in their 40s. Luckily, we have plenty of job opportunities for 40-year-olds looking for a career change. 

The first and most important thing to do when changing careers at 40? Finding out what you want to do. Sure, you can choose the jobs for 40-year-olds that pay the most or have the best title. But you’re most likely looking for a new job because your old one no longer makes you happy. A career change is a big moment that usually only comes round once (or a few times) in your life, so make sure it’s worth it by finding a new career that brings you joy. Need some inspiration? Have a look at the jobs for 40-year-olds Jobbird has to offer.

Want to change careers at 40 but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 steps to changing careers at 40:

  1. Figure out what you’re interested in, what you’re capable of and what your skills are. You may want to change your career entirely and move into a new field, or you may just be ready for a role in the field you’re familiar with. To discover what your next step will be, it’s important to start with yourself. You want a new job that makes you happy and that you’re excited about, so figure out what it is that excites you in a job. Of course, you can’t just decide one day that you want to be a doctor and apply, so it’s good to take inventory of your skills and experience. That way you know what jobs you’re eligible for. A good way to take inventory of your skills is by doing a SWOT analysis.
  2. Have a look at the jobs that are out there and do some research. Take a look at the jobs for 40-year-olds we have on Jobbird and let the countless vacancies inspire you. If there’s a specific field you’re interested in, you can just look at the jobs in that category. You can also browse all the different fields and see if any of them pique your interest. How can you choose a new career if you don’t know what’s out there?
  3. Reach out to people in the field you want to work in and pick their brains. Once you have an idea of the field (or fields) that interest you, it’s time to find out what working in that field is really like. Use your Linkedin or real life network to get in touch with some people who have a job or work in the field you think you’d like. Shadow them for a day, ask them about what they do and ask around about different companies.
  4. Update your CV. After you’ve done your research and brainstormed potential jobs, it’s time to prepare yourself for your upcoming job applications. Update your CV, gearing it towards the field you want to get into. Add relevant skills and experience that will make employers want to hire you ASAP.
  5. Time to start applying. Once you know what you want to do, you’ve taken a lot of time researching at what jobs are out there and you’ve updated your CV, it’s finally time to start applying. Select your favourite jobs for 40-year-olds and start the application process with one click on the button.


Did you know that (according to a survey done by Joblist’s Midlife Career Crisis) 47% of the people who decide on a career change do so for better pay, 39% say their current job is too stressful, and 25% are ready for a new challenge? That same survey also notes that 77% of people who’ve made a career change are happier, 75% are more satisfied and 65% are less stressed. All the more reason for you to check out Jobbird’s jobs for 40-year-olds and find your next adventure.


5 jobs for 40-year-olds with no qualifications

If you’re 40 years old and have no career or qualifications, that’s no reason to fret. There’s still plenty of time to build a career, even if you haven’t finished a degree. The best place to start is by figuring out what interests you and what you’re capable of. That will make it much easier to find a job for 40-year-olds that suits you.

Even though it seems like everyone is asking for degrees nowadays, there are still plenty of jobs for 40-year-olds with no qualifications out there. Some ideas for jobs for 40-year-olds you can do that don’t require qualifications are:


10 jobs to retrain to at 40

Some jobs for 40-year-olds require (re)training. At 40, that may seem daunting, but retraining doesn’t necessarily mean going back to uni and sitting in lecture halls for years. You may be able to do a relevant course or learn on the job, such as a traineeship or an internship. What your retraining would look like depends on the career change you want to make. No stress, because you can find plenty of adult retraining opportunities open to (over) 40-year-olds. Some options for jobs for 40-year-olds to retrain to are: