Looking for a change of pace or a new challenge in your career at 30? Jobbird can help. We have vacancies for people of all ages, including jobs for 30-year-olds. You can find full-time positions, part-time jobs and even traineeships or internships. We can help you find a new job in your field or even help you if you’re wanting a career change. Whatever you’re looking for: we’ve got all kinds of jobs for 30-year-olds available.

Are you wondering how to start a new career at 30? Are you curious about what jobs are out there? Or do you want to know more about retraining? Stick around because we’ll answer all your questions and more on this page.

Why would you start a new career at 30?

Most people choose a career path in school or uni and expect to continue climbing the ladder for the rest of their professional journey. After working for a few years, however, you may realise the direction you chose isn’t necessarily the one for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of other jobs for 30-year-olds to choose from. Perhaps it’s time for a career change.

At 30, you may feel like the only person in the world stuck in a work-rut, but you’re not alone. Many other people’ve decided to change careers at 30. The reason? According to Joblist’s Midlife Career Crisis, 47% of the people who decide on a career change do so for better pay, 39% say their current job is too stressful, and 25% are ready for a new challenge. The same survey notes that 77% of people who’ve made a career change are happier, 75% are more satisfied, and 65% are less stressed. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of jobs for 30-year-olds out there that could fit your needs better than your current one.

10 steps to changing careers at 30

Changing careers in your 30s is a big decision, but it could be the right one for you if you’re no longer happy at work. Want to know how to change careers at 30? Here are ten steps to a successful career change.

  1. Decide if you’re still happy and satisfied with your current job. The first step to a career change at 30 is actually deciding if you want to change careers. The best way to do that is by evaluating your current job.
  2. Figure out what you’re good at and what you want to do. What makes you happy, what excites you, what makes you feel fulfilled? Also, write down your skills and experience, and think of things you can do or learn. For example, you can assess your skills with a SWOT analysis.
  3. Time for a brainstorm session. Think of jobs you could or want to do. Research different career options, and ask for advice from people around you. Maybe they can see you doing something you never even thought of, or perhaps they’ve had a career change at 30 themselves and could give you some tips.
  4. Have a look at what jobs for 30-year-olds are out there using an online platform, such as Jobbird. We’ve got tons of jobs for 30-year-olds in all different sectors available. Even better: you can filter our vacancies by occupation. This way, you can easily sift through all the jobs for 30-year-olds that could be interesting for you.
  5. Found something (or multiple things) that interests you? Time to do some in-depth research. Reach out to people in the field and ask if you can pick their brain about their job, company or industry.
  6. After you’ve reached out to people in the field, ask them if you can spend a day at work with them. By shadowing someone, you can get a good feel of what it is you’d be doing all day in a particular field or job.
  7. See if you can get some hands-on experience. Maybe you can do an apprenticeship or traineeship in the field you’re interested in.
  8. Educate yourself. If the field you want to enter requires retraining, look into where and how you can do that. If retraining isn’t required, do your own research by reading books and articles about the field.
  9. Update your CV and write some killer motivational letters. Make sure you’re fully prepared and ready to start a new career. Remember: you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  10. Start applying. Once you’ve figured out what you’d like to do, have a look at our jobs for 30-year-olds and pick out some favourites. Apply to as many as you like, and start prepping for those interviews.

10 jobs for retraining at 30
If you’re looking for jobs for 30-year-olds outside your field, you may need to retrain. That may sound daunting if you’re in your thirties; after all, it wasn’t that long ago you were in uni. However, there are different ways you can retrain at 30. Of course, you can go back to university and earn your degree, but you can also do a short course. There are also plenty of apprenticeships available to 30-year-olds. Some jobs for 30-year-olds that are popular with people who want to retrain are:

Now you may be wondering: ‘what is the best career to start at 30 years old?’ Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer to that question. Simply put: the best career is the one that makes you happy. Cheesy, we know, but true. Need some inspiration? Take a look at all the jobs for 30-year-olds Jobbird has to offer, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest.

How can I find the best jobs for 30-year-olds?

Looking for a new job can be pretty stressful. We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you. The easiest way to look for jobs for 30-year-olds is to create an account with us. You can upload your CV directly to your account, or create a CV with our CV-builder. Once you’ve found a vacancy you like, you can apply within a few minutes by adding your CV straight from your account. All that’s left to do is write a cover letter and press send. With all those jobs for 30-year-olds, you’ll have found a new challenge in no time.