At 23, you may be in uni, doing a traineeship, or just figuring out what you want to do. Whether you’re looking for jobs for 23-year-olds with no experience, curious about a career change, or ready to apply to a vacancy to kickstart your career: you’ve come to the right place. At Jobbird, you can find a diverse range of jobs for 23-year-olds. Full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and even apprenticeships: we’ve got you covered.

So, do you want to find out which vacancies to apply to if you have no experience? Or are you curious about the best jobs for 23-year-olds? Keep reading, because we’ve answered all your questions below.


Jobs for 23-year-olds with no job experience

Are you worried about applying for jobs for 23-year-olds with no job experience? Then you’re not alone. When you’re 23, you’re a legal adult, meaning you can apply to pretty much any job (unlike when you were 13 or 16). However, unfortunately your age doesn’t necessarily mean you’re qualified for every job. Some jobs require specific degrees, skills or experience. So what if you don’t have the relevant – or any – job experience? No worries, there are still plenty of jobs for 23-year-olds with no job experience available for you.

Some 23-year-olds have heaps of work experience, whereas others have been too busy studying to work. That’s why Jobbird has many different jobs for people in this age group. We have part-time jobs that don’t require experience and add great value to your CV, jobs or traineeships for students and starter jobs for anyone wanting to start their career. No experience? No problem.


The 5 best jobs for 23-year-olds

You’re not looking for just any old jobs. You’re looking for good – nay, the best – jobs for 23-year-olds. Though we thoroughly select our vacancies to ensure we only offer the best, we can’t tell you exactly which vacancy is the best. That depends on you. If you’re interested in maths, you may not want to look at jobs for hairstylists, whereas if you’re passionate about hair, you probably aren’t looking for a job as an accountant.

So, what do we, at Jobbird, do to make sure that we provide the best jobs for 23-year-olds? Well: we only post vacancies of employers who adhere to the employment laws and who treat their employees fairly. Think of fair wages, legal working hours, and good working conditions.

What the very best jobs for 23-year-olds are, is very subjective. To give you some inspiration, here are five popular jobs for 23-year-olds.

  1. Administrative assistant
    There are a lot of jobs for 23-year-olds available in administration. Nearly every company has a lot of administrative work that needs to be done. As an administrative assistant, you can work for pretty much any company in any field. You’ll be given various clerical jobs to do, and you’re responsible for making sure everything is organised.
  2. Bartender
    If you enjoy working with people and don’t mind loud music (or wearing earplugs), consider bartending. It’s a common and good job for 23-year-olds. You won’t be working 9-5, and you definitely won’t be stuck behind a desk all day. You don’t need any special qualifications for this job, and you’ll learn to make all kinds of drinks as you work.
  3. Dental hygienist
    This is a job for 23-year-olds that not everyone can do, as it requires some qualifications. You need to have completed a 2- or 3-year foundation course in oral health science, a 2- or 3-year degree in dental hygiene, or experience as a dental nurse.
  4. Makeup artist
    If you’re looking for a creative job for 23-year-olds, makeup artistry might be it. You can be a self-employed makeup artist, work in a salon, or find a position in retail as a beauty advisor. You’ll create beautiful looks for your clients, so you definitely need some technical skills to be a makeup artist. However, you don’t have to have a degree in makeup artistry, as most artists are either self-taught or have done a short course.
  5. Personal trainer
    This is another great job for 23-year-olds who want to be self-employed. You can choose your own clients and work from home, outside or on location, but you can also get a steady job working as a personal trainer in a gym.

Some other popular choices for jobs for 23-year-olds are:

Do you know what job you’re looking for? Or are you just curious to see what’s out there? Have a look at our jobs for 23-year-olds in a specific sector. Who knows what you’ll find.


How to find jobs at 23

Now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to find the very best job for 23-year-olds. Completely understandable. That’s why we’ve made it so easy for you to find your dream job. Create an account with us and create or upload a CV. This makes applying for jobs even easier: it only takes a few mouse clicks.

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