Are you looking for jobs for 19-year-olds? You’ve come to the right place. On Jobbird, we have a large variety of vacancies available. At 19, you’re probably either in uni or finished with school. This means you may be looking for full-time work, a part-time job outside of uni hours, or maybe even a traineeship or apprenticeship. Let us help you. We have jobs for all ages, including jobs for 19-year-olds. Take a look at our vacancies, and maybe you’ll spot one that suits you straight away. You can also use our filters to find work that fits all your needs.

Are you wondering what the best jobs are for 19-year-olds? Do you want to know what kind of jobs there are for 19-year-olds with no experience? Or are you curious about the highest-paying jobs for 19-year-olds? Stick around, because we answer all these questions and more in this article.

What are the best jobs for 19-year-olds?

As you’re an adult at 19, there isn’t a specific category for jobs for 19-year-olds, like there is for jobs for 13- or 16-year-olds. Most vacancies you’ll find on our website are suitable for 19-year-olds. For some jobs, however, you’ll need a specific university degree, which you won’t have received yet at 19. Luckily, we have a way of filtering that out for you: just select your level of education in the filters, and you’ll only see the vacancies that are relevant to you.

We have heaps of good jobs for 19-year-olds, but we can’t tell you which one specifically is the best. This all depends on the kind of job you’re looking for, what skills you have, the industry you’d like to work in, the location, and possibly even the wages. We’ll help you by filtering out the best jobs for 19-year-olds for you, but you’ll have to choose your favourites and apply.

Jobs for 19-year-olds with no experience

If you’re 19, you’ve probably not got years and years of experience to put on your CV. No worries, because there are plenty of jobs for 19-year-olds with no experience. Most part-time jobs don’t require too much experience, and we also offer a bunch of full-time jobs for 19-year-olds without any experience.

Even if you’ve never worked in an office or had a fancy job title, you’ve probably got some kind of experience to add to your CV. Did you spend your weekends as a teen stocking shelves or delivering newspapers? Did you do any short internships or courses? Ever done any sort of volunteer work? Those all count as experience. Who knows, your potential employer could value volunteering more than sitting behind a desk. Or maybe the company you’re applying to is desperate for someone with retail experience.

What are the highest-paying jobs for 19-year-olds?

Usually your salary depends on a few factors, such as your job title, level of experience and age. As you’re only 19, don’t expect to be making six figures just yet. Unless you’re working in a field you’ve got loads of experience in, most jobs for 19-year-olds are entry-level positions, meaning you’ll get paid a starting salary. Some jobs for 19-year-olds that pay pretty decently are:

Apprenticeships for 19-year-olds

Another type of job for 19-year-olds is an apprenticeship, also known as a traineeship. During an apprenticeship, you work and learn simultaneously. You get to work in the field you’re interested in, and you’ll be learning on the job. Additionally, you get to spend at least 20 percent of your working hours studying. An apprentice job for 19-year-olds is a great way for you to find out if this industry actually suits you. Moreover, you’ll be able to find out what the job entails and the skills you need to work in the field. The best part? You’re getting paid for the hours you put in.

How do you find the best jobs for 19-year-olds?

After reading all of this information, you’re probably ready to find a job for 19-year-olds. But you don’t want to apply to just any old jobs, you only want the best ones. On Jobbird we have a ton of good jobs for 19-year-olds available. We understand that such a diverse database of vacancies can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve created filters to help you narrow down your search.

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